These materials will be useful in preparation for the NME workshop. We require at the least a working knowledge of the R programming language. If you are inclined, feel free to also browse through the Statnet tutorials and literature listed on this page.


Please read the EpiModel installation instructions below to have the software ready before the workshop. This includes installing R and Rstudio.

R Tutorials

The NME workshop will depend on a good working knowledge of the R statistical software language, which is the basis of the statnet software for the analysis of network data. A good place to start is our R tutorial below.

Statnet Tutorials

We encourage you to explore and practice your R skills with the tutorials for the statnet suite of software for the analysis of networks. You can find these tutorials HERE.


To guide discussion on the use of our network-based models, we recommend that you read the following two papers in Lancet HIV and the Journal of Infectious Diseases before the course. Because many of the methods are not included in the main papers, we suggest that you peruse the Supplementary Technical Appendices of at least one of the papers (you will see there is a good deal of overlap in the appendices between the two papers). In addition, you may be interested in reading through other related network analysis and modeling literature referenced below.

Other Literature

ERGM Statistical Methods

  1. Hunter DR, Handcock MS, Butts CT, Goodreau SM, Morris M. ergm: A Package to Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Networks. J Stat Softw. 2008;24(3):nihpa54860. LINK

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  3. Krivitsky PN, Handcock MS. A separable model for dynamic networks. J R Stat Soc Series B Stat Methodol. 2014;76(1):29–46. LINK

Applications of ERGMs to Social Science

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  3. Carnegie NB, Morris M. Size matters: concurrency and the epidemic potential of HIV in small networks. PloS One. 2012;7(8):e43048. LINK

Applied HIV/STI Models with EpiModel

  1. Jenness SM, Goodreau SM, Morris M, Cassels S. Effectiveness of Combination Packages for HIV-1 Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa Depends on Partnership Network Structure. Sexually Transmitted Infections. 2016; 92(8): 619-624. LINK

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Applied HIV/STI using ERGMs (Same Methods, Pre-EpiModel)

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